Welcome to Anxiety

At times all of our struggles feel bigger than us, no matter what they are. So, I say let’s talk about them. Whether you are feeling sad or have been diagnosed with a mental illness, we can help each other. Pain is pain, loss is loss, sadness is sadness, no matter the cause; Welcome to Anxiety aims to bring people together to heal, express, and free themselves through art. Some times what helps the most is finding someone who understands what you are going through and simply having your voice heard. Art is beautiful, let’s use it to heal ourselves and each other.

Do you write, draw, paint, take photographs, sculpt, or any other art form? Do you use your art to express emotions, feelings, experiences? Submit your work to be part of the events put on by Welcome to Anxiety.

Do you want to understand the people around you? Do you know people who suffer from mental illness or people who are going through a difficult time? Invite them to this page and to the events put on by Welcome to Anxiety because You are not alone, They are not alone, We are not alone.

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One thought on “Welcome to Anxiety

  1. Hi Edith. Thanks for your interest. The purpose of the event series is to be a safe space for people to express their experience with mental illness and/or the human experience. To be a performer I ask for submissions to be sent to welcometoanxiety@gmail.com . Please let me know if you would like more information or if you have any questions.


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